200 minutes of internet a month.

Made it to Panama, and part way through the Canal. Went through our first set of locks last night and anchored at Gatun Lake [in the middle of the canal]. Rumor is we are the only vessel permitted to anchor in the lake/ possibly the whole canal? Either way it was a pretty interested time. They naturalist described the lock compared to a bath tub, except the best bath rub in the world, being able to fill the whole lock in 8 minutes. He suggested trying to fill a bath tub at the Waldorf Astoria in 8 minutes. Haha.

guest that went out today came back to the ship reporting of howler monkeys, anteaters, and sloths. Barro Colorado [where we anchored for the day], is where the Smithsonian Institute has a research facility and is supposedly pretty amazing. Maybe one of these days I will be able to verify that for you.

As for me, I was trying to put into words how I feel and I just can’t. Possibly I just really hate being a new employee. Life is so much easier when you just know what you are doing, and don’t have to be given constant direction. It was a long couple days of travel, and I was excited to get to the boat and stop carrying my luggage, but the work began as soon as I arrived, and was taxing. Saturdays are our ‘turn’ days. The day when the guest all disembark, and arrive, leaving every room to be polished from top to bottom, all of the dirty laundry and trash off the ship, and 2 truckloads of food, and stacks and stacks of clean laundry to be loaded on to the ship, and put away.

I am still VERY excited to be here, and know that I will really have so much fun these next couple of months. You would not believe the humidity here, certainly comparable to August in Florida. I know I will be even MORE excited when I finish all my safety/job training so that I will actually get to do things on my free time instead spending it with different people on the ship teaching me different things.

I will update with a picture soon, but as for now we are slowly making our way south through the Canal. I’m actually not even sure where we will be in the morning, but in due time. 😀

    • Mum
    • December 5th, 2011

    My good traveller!

    • Ashley
    • December 6th, 2011

    I am so happy you made it 🙂 Dad loves his coasters. miss you…

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