sea water bed [perfect wheel of fortune answer]

National Geographic Sea Lion at Coiba

Still in Panama, we arrived this morning at the island of Coiba.  The island looked picture perfect this morning as the sun rose, which is just what the guest needed to see after an evening of feeling green, and not with envy. I unfortunately could relate to them [how embarrassing], but hopefully I will become amphibious soon and develop some better sea legs.

For lunch this afternoon we shuttled most of the guest by Zodiac [the others kayaked there] to the island for a lunch BBQ between their kayaking and snorkeling excitement. My excitement came when I found out I had an almost 4 hour break between the end of lunch service and dinner service to go out and play too!

It is a gorgeous, almost cloud free day in Panama, the water temperature must be close to 80, and people wanted to watch a movie instead of go snorkeling. Once I got over to the island though my neighbor was already there and excited to go snorkeling with me, and it WAS AWESOME!

Puffer fish, parrotfish, trigger fish, sergeant majors [always make me think of Gandy and Granddad, when we use to feed them the dinner leftovers], and many other cute little guys. There was so much coral, but mainly just one type, and the naturalist aboard certainly would not refer to it as a reef, but it was still a great time. It is always amazing to be the colors creatures in the ocean produce.

Pretty relaxed rest of the day coming up, just dinner to serve and then I am done. The seas a suppose to be rougher tonight, which has been proving for some… interesting housekeeping experience for us stewards… but tomorrow I will wake up in COSTA RICA!

Yes, I understand I will see this stuff a million times, but I still hope I do not become overly jaded like a lot of the people who have been here for only one month. Honestly, I got paid to go snorkeling in Panama today.

again with the picture thing…. working on it 


  1. excellent wheel of fortune answer

    • Emily
    • December 8th, 2011

    I love how the palm tree looks in your pic. I am glad you got to play some. 🙂

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