Costa Rica


I watch the sun rise over the ocean every morning

The number one/only benefit i can think of for working super early.

 Things have been going well aboard. I am starting to get my duties down enough that I am able to enjoy some free time throughout the day. I actually made it to shore two times yesterday. My duties change weekly with a 6 week rotation, but currently, if I completely my task efficiently, I am able to get off the boat for an hour or so before lunch, and usually have a few hours after lunch.

Yesterday after lunch I took a Zodiac ride over to Punta Caletas, which I believe is on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. I believe the whole area we were in is part of Corcovado National Park… but I am not entirely sure yet. There you are able to ride horses, purchase handmade trinkets, swim and hike. My friend Praba and I just walked along the trail for a little while since we did not have much time, but it was worth getting off the ship since I ended up seeing my first monkey! A white faced capuchin, sounded like all the guest only saw howler monkeys (which I haven’t seen yet), but I was very excited by the little monkey we saw.

Spoiled rotten, I was able to get off the ship after lunch as well. After lunch we were anchored at San Pedrillo, part of Corcovado N.P. Walking along the beach there it feels like the ground is moving as thousands of hermit crabs move away from you. Continuing down the beach I notice a cluster of hermit crabs and scampered over for further investigation. Upon further investigation I find the appeal of this area to the hermit crabs is the dead iguana carcass lying between them and the sand. Grotesque  maybe, but it was really freaking awesome. I have yet to see a live iguana here, but that certainly will not be as exciting as the monkeys.

dead iguana


On my very short walk along the beach I also saw 2 scarlet macaws, and a family of spider monkeys (baby on the back included). I guess there are 4 species of monkeys in Costa Rica, and I have already found 2 in just one day, sneaking to shore on my breaks.Image

My green feeling is gone, just that one evening of sickness feeling. I assumed all the guest would have adjusted equally, but after cleaning my cabins this morning I realized that there are still a number of them…. feeling green.. Overall the work is not too bad at all, just tedious. I am tired of serving every meal, every day, but tomorrow is turn day. These guests will be leaving, and others will be arriving, as well as the arrival of a new work rotation for me. I believe I will only have to serve lunch and dinner next week, so that will be a nice change.

    • Emily
    • December 9th, 2011

    I do love to see the sunrise, even if I don’t love to wake up that early.

  1. Sounds like you ae growing in well to your new situation. Love the pictures.

    • Lulu
    • December 14th, 2011

    Good Mornin’ Sunshine!
    Have an AWESOME day!
    Love and miss you…..

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