Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. I have been having a wonderful week being able to get off the boat almost every day with the schedule I am working this trip, only down side being that sometimes I am too tired since I have had to be at work around 5:20am every morning.

Thoughts and prayers out to Zach and his family this week, he was plaguing my thoughts to an almost enabling dose last week, but thankfully I feel much more functional this week. Since my indigenous experience in the Darian earlier this week I have been …

Snorkeling at Bartolome, part of the Pearl Islands, Panama;

Laid out on the beach at Isla Iguana, and actually saw an iguana on the beach;

Saw my first humpback whales by Coiba, unfortunately felt so sick that day that I did not go SCUBA diving as I had planned, frustrated because I was sick, and even more frustrated to miss SCUBA diving;

Went swimming off the fantail between shifts, got stung by hydroids, but it was worth it.

Today we spent the afternoon at Manuel Antonio. I had a few minutes to spend lazily laying on the beach, and during the afternoon we repositioned to Drake Bay, Costa Rica. Our Zodiac drivers Eric and Henry are Ticos from Drake Bay, and were able to get off and spend the evening with their families for Christmas. Henry owns a Bar called La Jungle that we were able to go to after work, it is always fun to get off the boat and go, it is a wonderful little spot.

The Zodiac ride to the beach felt like I was stuck in an Iphone commercial, and it was hilarious. Our drivers light stopped working on the way to the shore, which is a pretty imperative piece of equipment as we are going to shore in the pitch black and need to navigate around anchored boats and make a beach landing through the surf. Luckily… someone had the flash light app on their Iphone, and we used that for navigation. A full zodiac full of crew making our way to the bar, with one person standing at the front of the Zodiac holding their Iphone out, Apple would have been happy. A big wave took a hold of the zodiac as we were landing on the beach and Sarah lost a flip flop in the surf, which was also retrieved by the flashlight app.

    • Mum
    • December 29th, 2011

    Hydroids-predators. Cassidy-prey.

    • Emily
    • December 30th, 2011

    Great pic of the boats. I like your idea for an iPhone commercial. 🙂

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