fun in the sun

After picking up our new set of guest in Herradurra yesterday, we were back in Manuel Antonio today. I was very excited to have the day off today as guests tend to report seeing a lot of wildlife on the hike which I typically cannot make since it conflicts with when the cabins need to be cleaned.

I was hoping to see a sloth, since they are usually spotted here, and I still hadn’t seen one yet.  Wonderfully surprising , I spotted the first sloth of the day. A big female, that was very active… for a sloth. We were even able to watch her test her weight on the branches before transferring herself to another tree. She was a three-toed sloth, as were the majority of the sloths we saw for the day. We saw a few other males, and females, as well as a female all curled up with her baby. The last sloth we spotted was another curled up female with baby in hand, but she was our one two-toed sloth spotting of the afternoon.


I also spotted my first blue morpho butterflies, orange chinned parakeets, an agouti, Halloween crabs, Jesus Christ lizards, iguanas, and we were also blessed with the arrival of a white faced capuchin troop on the beach as we were loading back into the Zodiacs.


After lunch we drove to Drake Bay, and I was able to get off the boat again to take a zodiac ride up the river. We arrived later than planned, so the lighting was very low, and we were not able to spot a lot of wildlife. Getting off the boat though it never a bust and the Zodiac ride was pleasant as the sun set over the bay.

    • lulu
    • December 28th, 2011

    Merry CHRISTMAS to you kiddo! sounds like ur making the best of it and than some…way to go. it my favorite moon tonight and always thinking of you. have you been able to get my cell phone text? Sam loves his t-shirt…working…killing bugs! missing u!

    • Mum
    • December 29th, 2011

    Bring home a sloth – two toed!

    • Emily
    • December 30th, 2011

    I am glad you got to see some sloths!

    I took Justin down to see the Bilmar this week and he approves (good thing!) I wish I was there with you!

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