3 days ago I was early riser. Had to be at work at 5:15 and saw the best moon set of my life, closely followed by one of the best sunset rises. The rest of the morning went as scheduled until lunch service when, while grabbing extra cookies from the dry storage I slipped on some spilt juice. There was no regular fumbling of one foot and slipping of the other, or reaching out to catch myself, it was a full on comic strip slipping on the winter ice on the drive way, body landing before feet type of fall. With my one slick motion graceful fall, my first point of contact was my rib cage landing on the corner of a milk crate.


Since then I have been doped up on codeine and quite surprised with the amount of pain I have been able to cause myself. None of my ribs seem broken, and if they were, there isn’t much we would be able to do about it anyway. The pain has been migrating and changing daily. The doctor was checking on me right after I feel and asked where it hurt.  I pointed to the section of my back that was killing me assuming that was where I landed on the milk crate.

 After examining myself later it was obvious where on my ribs I had hit the milk crate, and it was not the section that hurt. Since then the pain has migrated little by little each day. My ribs hitting the milk crate under my right arm, the initial pain was located on the far right of my back, but not my side. The next morning the pain was slightly higher and more centered. Since then I have woken up barely being able to move my neck, and last night was the first night I have woken up in pain. Surprisingly finally coming from the actual spot that had made contact with the milk crate.

Fortunately, between feeling like I am broken I have been put on light duty at work. Today I actually went snorkeling for a little bit, saw a shark, two sea turtles, the largest trumpet fish I have ever seen, and all the regular cute beautiful things in the ocean here. The hydroids are still awful, but worth it. It’s still amazing to be able to go snorkeling during the middle of winter, see sea turtles, and not have goose bumps.

The current state of my pain gave me a minor break down during dinner service. I spent my 5 minute break crying on the fantail. The tears were forgotten soon after when Gus came through with a message of bow riding dolphins. Laying over the bow I was able to watch a pod of around 20 dolphins fishing and jumping off of our bow. They are usually pretty shy around these parts, so it was wonderful to see so many for so long. Usually they do not stay around long enough to share the experience with other people. So, it was awesome!

    • Tia
    • January 10th, 2012

    Bummer about the fall and boo boo. Seems like a bad season of falls all around. Feel better soon. Xoxox

    • Mum
    • January 11th, 2012

    Ahh, my poor beat up baby girl. Get better. XO<3

    • Auntie Kerry
    • January 12th, 2012

    The moon here has been amazing in the am!!
    Take care, be safe!

    • Emily
    • January 14th, 2012

    Love the pic.

    Miss you!

    Fell better!

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