Turn day in Herradurra. There has been a severe lack of recovery on my behalf from my fall almost a week ago. Almost in tears again this morning it only seemed proper to be sent to the clinic. The pain was worse today than yesterday, and was worse yesterday than the day before, becoming worried that I would have a cracked rib, or worse, that I would be have to sent off the boat I was interested to hear what the doctor would say.

After poking around some she concluded that none of my ribs seem to be fractured, but that the pain that has been displaced from the trauma area is a result of my rib/ribs being stretched/removed from the cartilage that holds them to my spine.

So on doctor’s orders I am back on light duty (LD is my new nickname). I am not to be washing dishes, busing tables, vacuuming, working extended periods of time… she seemed very perturbed when she asked what other task I could be doing instead, if I could help out in the office or do paper work, and I just didn’t have much to come up with for task that don’t use my body for.

So… I got an anti inflammatory shot, some new pain killers and some other pills that are suppose to help with the inflammation and swelling round my ribby spiny area.

I was pretty nervous bringing my doctor’s note back to the boat. Not that my manager would not be accommodating, but that he would be accommodating and that I would feel super guilty being on light duty (for 5-7 days; estimated pain 30days, boat doctor estimate 6 weeks). Or that he would be super accommodating to my injury, and send me home. Thankfully I was able to conjure up a mixture of both, with light duty and an extra body aboard completing my task, so that technically everything I do is just extra.

One of my favorite stewards Laura ended her 6 month contract in Panama last turn day and got off the boat. Her plan was to travel across the country for a few days and meet us in Manuel Antonio yesterday and get back on the boat for an evening before heading home, the main reason for meeting back up with the boat being that she is dating the chief mate. Lucky for me she has agreed to stay on another week and do all my duties while I am on LD. So although after 6 months of being on the boat Laura was ready to get off, after her week long vacation, she and the chief mate do not seem too have any complaints about her putting in another week of work.

    • Emily
    • January 14th, 2012

    Feel better soon, love you!

    • Mum
    • January 15th, 2012

    I think you will be all better soon. Nothing like some sunshine and a dip in the saltwater to cure all that ails you. xoxo Mum

    • lulu
    • January 15th, 2012

    Thanks for the update! Been worried about you….Let Laura know Aunt LULU loves her for helping to take care of you and your job. Thinking of you- missing you BIG time! Love Lulu

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