nothing new

not much new to report here. Still on light duty, extremely light duty, and boat arrest as well. Feeling better some, and things will certainly change on Saturday since it is turn day. My fill in will be leaving, and things will be changing around her regarding which duites I will need to resume.

The following pictures are some of my favorites from my last time off the boat. They are from Manuel Antonio National Park.


Souvenir shot of common potoo, very excited to see.

shoot. i was mainly getting on to add photos, but tonight doesnt seem like a good night for it.

white faced monkey expressing how i was feeling


crab eating raccoons at the beach, who were displaying more of chip eating raccoon habits


best friends

  1. Hey Sweetie-

    So sorry @ your fall. I spoke w/ a PT friend and he was familiar with that type of injury. He suggest wearing a back support belt (even ace bandage if one is not available) to stabilize your lower rib cage so you are not constantly pulling on damaged area as you reach and stretch in ordinary course of day.

    Hoping for good healing and a quick release from the “boat arrest”.

    Love you,

    Aunt J

    • Emily
    • January 20th, 2012

    That bird is super camouflaged. Good find!

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