Barro Colorado

Had a day off today and was able to get off the boat at the Smithsonian Research Center on Barro Colorado for the first time. We went a little later in the day than we typically do due to a late canal transit. Our pilot time through the canal is completely dependent on the Panama Canal Transit and does not always go as planned.

Barro Colorado was slightly less exciting than I was thinking it was going to be, but the naturalist said that it was due to going in the heat of the day. Either way, it was exciting to finally get off the ship and to be able to hike. Hiking opportunities have been very limited. As always, any time I get off the boat I see something I never would have seen otherwise and that excites me.

Although there was not a complete abundance of wildlife to be viewed today, it was good good to be in the low lighting of the forest and able to practice taking pictures in the understory. My camera and I are slowly becomming better friends.Image

<above; baby howler monkey confidentally taking a break from holding onto its mum>

Howler monkeys are the most common monkey to be seen but until today I have been ‘lucky’ seeing mainly only the more rare monkeys, so of course it was super to finally see them. They have the most amazing sound as if there is a yeti in the forest. Although I have heard them many times, today was my first time seeing them. We also saw a white faced monkey, my first time only spotting one by itself and apparently it was a great sighting for the island since the population has dropped 75% over the last year due to extremes in weather. A four-striped whiptail (type of lizard), agouti, a great tinamou (a sort of forest chicken), a flock of crested guan, and a bunch of cute little bats were a few of the other sightings of the day.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day. I am back on full duty and not feeling much better, but on the other hand, not feeling much worse.

Currently sitting in the Mira Flores lock of the canal waiting to go under the Bridge of the Americas so that I can renew my wish.


    • Emily
    • January 23rd, 2012

    Hope your wish comes true!

    Love you,


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