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Happy Valentines Day

Enjoying a warm cup of coffee in my favorite moustache mug waiting to go to breakfast with one of my oldest and dearest friends Theresa. Although single, valentines day is still putting a smile on my face today, and I am happy for anyone who has romantic plans, or the time set aside to hang out with someone they fancy.

I do not know why I think this is a perfect little video to share on valentines day, but I do. Maybe it is because it makes my heart smile. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Murmuration, such an understated boring word for something so extraordinary.


. Love You .

 . and in this moment, I couldn’t be happier .




Picture from my…


Picture from my flight between Golfito and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Home again, Home again.

It’s easy to feel close to home in Costa Rica, so many similar flora and fauna, the air thick with humidity that is only reminiscent of Florida to me. You can only imagine the surprise when I leave Costa Rica, where it’s been easily 105 degrees every day the past week, and it is 34 degrees here in Orlando.

The most wonderful thing about it being cold in Orlando is being able to wake up in the morning and pick a grapefruit off the tree for breakfast, taste as if it has been in the refrigerator all night. ImagePerfection.

Still having trouble finding a doctor that is interested in seeing me, but as my situation mainly requires resting, I don’t believe it to be a huge set back in my healing, and will hopefully be able to see one tomorrow.

 Its nice to be home though, I wasn’t looking forward to being back in the real world just yet, but excitied to remember how much I enjoy driving, being on my own schedule, showering in a shower where my that my elbows aren’t in constant contact with shower curtain, being able to decide when and what I eat, and mainly having time to myself.

Pudgey and her winter coat

Its always great to see family, and I’ll just have to consider this a mini vacation.

more stamps.

Currently sitting in the San Jose airport enjoying a cup of Costa Rican coffee. Went to the hospital in Colon on Saturday to get an x-ray. Against all predictions of the 5 doctors I have seen, I do have a fully cracked rib. One reason the doctors had not figured this out sooner is that they could not feel the bone growth that is typically easy to feel through the skin as a crack heals, reason being mine hasn’t been healing at all. The constant movement and extent of my duties seems to have prevented the healing process, and the crack looks good as new still. I am currently headed back to Orlando until I am cleared by a doctor in the states to go back to the boat.

Last day on the boat was wonderful though, we were at Granito de Oro and I was able to go snorkeling, which makes everything better always. Saw a reef shark, sea turtle, and many many other beautiful little creatures.


After spending the afternoon snorkeling, I was down in my room packing and could hear the dolphins. The dolphins in the area are pretty shy, and typically do not stay around too long. Since I didn’t have any more obligations for the day I figured I would run up to the bow and see if they were still there/prove I wasn’t hearing things. I was so happy to see people leaning over the railings confirming the dolphins were still there. I watched them for a while knowing that if I went to grab my camera they would be gone by the time I got back, but knowing that I still had to try anyway. I raced back down to the focsle, grabbed my camera, and was able to capture the last few moments the dolphins spent with us.

Casa de Orquídeas

ImageImage Image