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Life in the Retired Lane.

A lot has been going on since I have been home, and of course, a whole lot of nothing as well.

On a last minute whim I headed to Tampa last week to see Radiohead. There will always be bad music, and there will always be good music, and as they played 3/5 of my favorite songs I was taught about music that is worth breaking a rib for. Although we were unable to sit together, I am certain Stacy was able to feel the same. As for the other people that joined us, I couldn’t be happier that they came, and can only hope they felt a small percentage of the overwhelming heart-stirring satisfaction I received.

The Final Setlist Included…


 It was wonderful this weekend to have my friend RobinO come and visit. The high was short lived but worth it, as it always seems to be when you get to visit with the people you love the most.

We spoke of silly things that make you feel decadent. How having the luxury on a work day to go into a diner at 11:30am, order breakfast, and drink a never ending cup of coffee without a care in the world or a schedule in sight always made me feel strangely decadent. Little things that aren’t close to the real world definition of decadent, but things you are aware and appreciative enough to notice really are decadent. RobinO and my mom agreed on reading a book in silence while drinking a cup of coffee instead of scurrying to start your day. I decided to give this theory a try, and at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, still buried in my book, and finally starting to wonder if one more cup of coffee would be one too many, I understand their appreciation for this decadence.

If anyone else has a small slice of decadence they are willing to share, please let me know, as I am willing to try them all and incorporate them into my recovery schedule.

I am currently reading A Walk Across America : By Peter Jenkins; Copy write 1979. It is refreshing to be reminded of … people wanting to live/search for something out of the expected way of living. He mentions the concerns of safety back then, and I can only wish it was as safe now as it was then. If that were the case, I am sure I would be out buying new boots. A girl can’t do anything these days.

Although there has been a lot going on since I have been home, it is still hard to not feel captive in this body. To think that anything fun I may do that might raise my breathing to a cardiovascular amount will only lengthen my healing process with each breath, is…captivating, and not at all in the wonderment sense.

and who is to say crockpots arent exciting

It was great to have everyone in town for Emmys bridal shower. I can’t believe she is getting married so soon. I don’t remember what her argument was last time I visited her, stating that she wasn’t a grown up, but I’m sure this will solidify her into grown-up land.

As for me, I never thought I would be more content about to be 26, houseless, careerless, and no change of plans in site. As frustrating as being lame and on the verge of putting myself down is, I don’t have any friends that have the ability to work only 9 or 10 months a year, and occasionally I need to remind myself how amazing it is that I have the ability to lay around and practice decadence without a care in the world.

and as always. i love you all .

She is the only thing that could make retirement better