There is no better way to cut a work day short

Why does this creature barely fit into the frame?

Because it is the back side of largest creature on earth, a blue whale. Endangered and averaging size between 78 and 88 feet, its heart is comparable to the size of a Volkswagen beetle. We spent the last 40 minutes of work yesterday surrounded by a pod of blue whales, one was not as big as previously mentioned though since it was a calf, courteously being escorted by its mother. All lined up on the bow the shouts rang, “TWELVE O’CLOCK”; “PORT”; “STARBOARD”; It didn’t take long through all the excitement to realize we were surrounded, in one of the best ways possible. It was hard to completely tell since they were surfacing in different directions at different times, but I think the final estimate was 6 whales.

hard to see, but a souvenir photo of a blue whale tail all the same

Like the Panama Canal, the blue whale is something I have always known about, and have always put to the back of my mind assuming I would never see one. But now I have had the chance to see them both in ways others will never imagine.

    • Emily
    • April 23rd, 2012

    So exciting, i will never see whales form my office in Atlanta… 🙂

    • lulu
    • April 25th, 2012

    SO eXCITED for you….I want to Seeeee!
    Goosebumps just reading this. Love You

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