my life is overly buoyant today, not in the best since

i just . i just cant for now . i will have to finish with pictures instead. things have been overly crazy. i have been trying to update for what feels like forever.



big killer

bubble netter blow misting away and reflecting in the water

bubble netter blow misting away and reflecting in the water


humpback, port side, the bubble netters were on the starboard


beautiful reflection

frozen river waterfall

killer family

happy whales. part of the family that we watched for a couple hours. the babies were tail smacking and rolling on their backs showing off their bellies. one even spy hopped and another little one breached.




perfect humback whale tail. most people say they only fluke when they are going down for a deep dive, but this one was fluking every couple of minutes or so swimming along the same path.


more whale tail


maybe getting to the point of excessive whale tails, but this one was just gorgeous

alaska is pretty perfect


calving margarie glacier. Glacier National Park, Alaska.


Coastal brown bear digging along the beach for some delicious treats


sea lions are obnoxious but still so much fun to see.


Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau. Receding around 200 feet per year. As recent as the early 90’s it was receding 60 feet per year.


Things on the boat have been going very well. Had my first chance to go diving up in Alaska yesterday, but was unable to go down due to buoyancy issues with the suit. Hopefully I will get another chance soon.

Other than that just staying really busy. These guest get off the boat on Saturday, and I only have two more sets of guest till i get to get off the boat too. Headed to Ketchikan for a week, and then to Boston for a moment, and then starting working in Maine beginning around June 18th.

The whales have been amazing. The bears have been amazing.

Watched 5 different humpbacks from the same spot for over an hour yesterday,(2 which were working on the cooperative bubble netting, the water was so calm we could see the actual bubbles form at the surface before popping), , saw brown bears on the beach, and watched killer whales for the 2 time this trip while there were humpback breaching off in the distance.

It sounds completely make believe, but it isnt, just another day on the boat. This whole trip has been going this way.

Excited to have tomorrow off for our first time to Tracy Arm for the season.

    • Stacy
    • May 18th, 2012

    You have the life. Photos are remarkable! xoxox

    • mum
    • May 25th, 2012

    incredible photos~

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