The tides they are a changin’

Pretty was a pretty full day today. Back in the galley for my last week on the ship, which is nice since the pace in there is pretty calm and we are back to having a full boat again. The morning was pretty quiet, but of course once I lay down in the afternoon I can feel the boat slowing down. Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I climb out of bed to find everyone one deck watching a mother and calf humback mosey on by the boat. More likely than not, they are usually busy eating or traveling and not overly exciting to watch, but I sat up in the bridge and watched them for a few minutes before one of the naturalist spotted something else.


Along the shore there was a brown bear forging in the field with her three little cubs. Although we were unable to get too close, it was still exciting to see them, and thrilling to see her with triplets. Brown bears are huge, and it was awesome. Worried we were going to stumble on something else amazing during my break, I took a little nap in a zodiac on top of the ship while the sun shone. The sun definitely isn’t around every day, and sometimes it is just wonderful to be reminded how nice laying in the sun can feel.

I got ready for work in the evening a little early since I could feel the boat had slowed down again, and I figured I would like some time to get  a peak of whatever it maybe going on out there. Once back on deck I see we were surrounded by killer whales. Its amazing how there will be a few close by, on either side of the ship, but they are also fins in the distance in every direction as well. Back in the dining room for dinner I was able to see one get very, very close to the ship before swimming underneath us.

mum and babe

I don’t usually know what is going on too much when I am working in the galley since I work in the back and we just enjoy music all day. After I finished all the dinner dishes I was going to hurry down to my room to get a shower before my roommates we done with work. Hurrying through the lounge and flinging open the foc’sle door, something out the window catches my eye. I ask the bartender what is going on, and he assures me there are humpbacks feeding outside.

I race downstairs to grab my jacket and head to the deck to watch. Not only are there humpbacks lunge feeding in groups of up to 3 right off the bow, but they are also in every direction as far the eye can see. It must have been a very nutrient rich area because even from the small outlines of the whales in the distance you could tell they were all lunge feeding with mouths open wide.

I stayed up there and watched for over an hour before the light became to poor and the temperature began to drop. It was simply magnificent, and the perfect way to end the day full of constant surprises.

    • Emily
    • June 21st, 2012

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