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goes to show you never can tell


the cutest little thing in town

I have been craving to see a porcupine. Everyone knows its on my list of things to see in Maine. The bartender at the bar on our dock says he sees one at his house all the time, of course i don’t believe him. So this morning when he woke up and saw the porcupine in his drive way, he captured it, put it in a dog crate, and tracked me down. Here is that poor little helpless porcupine, climbing a tree after we released her back into the woods.



work can be fun

Almost 50 foot dead sperm whale in my front yard at 5:30 in the morning, awaiting his necropsy.



this is an image i like to refer to as “on the clock”




bonus picture for richard cause he says he enjoys them

a whale named Tusk in front of Mt Desert Rock.

Tusk is Capt.Matts Favorite whale. It is easy to keep up with the whales here since they are all identified by their fluke pattern and named. Allied whale is the first research program in the world to start identifying humpbacks based on their fluke patterns back in the 70’s. sometimes we still see whales that they have known since the 70’s.

per richards request

I was zoomed out as far possible, but the whales were just coming too close to the boat!