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grey whale watching


couldnt decide if it was depressing or exciting to be able to watch whales from the window while I made beds today :o)

another perfect sunrise

another perfect sunrise

coyotes on the beach

coyotes on the beach

Sand dunes

Sand dunes

life jacket hanger

life jacket hanger

Sheet change day, and things are busy busy busy here while we try to get all our chores done while docked in Cabo del San Jose.

Serving breakfast this morning I thought I saw something strange out the window, it turned out to be Thurston’s devil rays leaping out of the water one by one. There were so many of them, and the behavior continued for so long I just couldn’t believe it!


Breakfast wasn’t even over before they were talking about breaching whales. We watched a few different pods, and a mother and calf pair as well. I didn’t witness any of the breaching, but it was quite excited to be seeing whales again. Tomorrow is when I might get my first chance to see, and maybe kiss a grey whale!!!

William, one of the naturalist showed me a barnacle off of a humpback whale. It was huge, and looked just like the one I kept from the baby humpback from Maine that I did the necropsy on. Then he asked me if I wanted to see a barnacle from a grey whale (of course I did). It was very different than the one from the humpback, apparently barnacle are species specific. Who would have guessed! He also was holding onto one from a logger head sea turtle.

Learning something new every day, and loving every second of it.

I am working early riser this week which is actually my favorite position even though you have to get up about an hour earlier than everyone else. But on the other hand, you are up an hour before everyone else. It is a wonderful time to get my work done and have spare time to watch the sunrise. The sunset seems to be the one that always gets talked up, but I saw one of the most amazing sunrises today. Beautiful enough to make me second guess not getting up to watch more sunrises.

0027. los islotes sunrise

We spent the day at Los Islotes, where the guest get to go snorkeling with the sea lions, and the same place that I was able to go diving with them last year. I was planning on atleast jumping in for a snorkel, but the guest in my cabins seemed to have a different itinerary for my day, and didn’t leave me much time to go snorkeling. I ended up going out on one of the zodiacs instead and had such a wonderful time. Since it was only my second time to this island it was nice to see all the animals on land, and I was happy with how some of the pictures turned out as well. Blue footed boobies, swimming cormorants, dive bombing pelicans, and of course, the sea lions.

0032. los islotes

Dinner was served on the beach bar-b-q style, and smores were made around the fire. After we finished for the evening me and some of the other crew members took a zodiac back to the beach to go swimming in the moonlight. It was a little chilly, but definitely made up for missing snorkeling earlier.

0038. los islotes sea lions

All in all a pleasantly complete day.

Back by popular complaint.

A Baja Winter.

My first full day on the boat with guest, but it truly feels like I have been here….well, much longer. I always thought it was crazy how people on the boat rationalized “boat time” vs. “real time”, but the difference is pretty astronomical. I guess that’s what happens when you spend 3 meals a days with the same people and live in a room made for three.

When you are new to the boat, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of things going  on, and things to learn, and when you feel like you finally have it under control, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of nit picking and being told what to do. So, coming back to the boat I was completely prepared to be given the low down, or have my work checked extra for the first couple of days, but it hasn’t been that way at all. I haven’t been given any direction or scrutinized, and am just expected to show up and do my job like I never left. It is pretty amazing to be gone for so long, and to come back to a crew that completely trust your work, and debatably more important, your work ethic.


We spent the morning traveling, and I took advantage of my morning break lying in the sun on the lido. We spent the afternoon at Santa Catalina Island, lying in the sun again, and exploring the plethora of dead things on the beach. Sea stars, urchins, blowfish, a pile of vertebrae that seemed to belong to a pelican. All very interesting and slightly intriguing to why the pile up of creatures at the particular spot, possibly just because of the limited access to the area.

The sun set was spectacular. I took a picture when I felt it was best, and went back to work. Continued to view the sunset out the window for the next 40 minutes, growing unusually more attractive by the minute.

Sun, sun, sun. It seems I am working here, but it just doesn’t quite feel like it yet. I am happy to still feel efficient at my job and still be able to finish my cabins first and get off the boat.

Thinking of you all. ❤