Happy anniversary . this update format is horrible but i cant wait to fix it

DSC_1355 DSC_0013 DSC_0020 DSC_1208 DSC_1231Interesting few days around these parts, I’ve been getting out watching the grey whales as much as possible while we are on the pacific side of peninsula. The other half of our itinerary is spent in the Sea of Cortez, where there is a chance to see a whole other range of animals. I was under the impression that  grey whales are some of the most friendly whales you will ever encounter, nudging the zodiac, sticking their heads out of the water to be pet, overall playful. My experience with them thus far has been almost opposite of that. The whales seem completely not interested in us, and it feels more like we are intruding than spending time with a curious creature. I don’t blame them though; some of their babies are only a week old, and so teeny. I think any creature that was pregnant for over a year would not be keen to so many new visitors during the first week of their fragile babies life.









Yesterday started off with the sunrise behind a rock.. or possibly area.. called Lands End.DSC_1201


A beautiful natural arch that the ocean has carved out of the rock over time. We then continued to San Jose del Cabo, to let the guest off into town, and take on water and laundry and all the other little task the guest don’t need to know



After lunch onboard I could see some humpback whales in the distance as I was working in the dish pit, occasionally looking out the window to view them getting a little closer. I was pretty focused on getting the dishes done as fast as possible so I might be able to sneak a little nap in before dinner service, but that just didn’t happen.  With only a few dishes left my friend Jimmy ran into the galley and shouted  “There are whales mugging the boat”. Of course I think he is overly excited and continuing finishing most of my work until I don’t think I can stand in any more, and run out to see what these ‘whale muggers’ are up to.

There are 2 humpback whales who seem very excited about the boat. I was surprised we stopped for the whales I had seen off in the distance, but apparently they practically cut the boat off and gave the captain no other choice. The captain said we could stay and watch them as long as they stayed interested in us, which ended up being over an hour and a half.

They would come up on the port side, and then starboard, fluke like they were swimming away from the boat, and then come up right under it. It was so wonderful and refreshing to remember what it felt like for whales to actually be excited to see you. It was just what I needed and I loved every second of it.

They would roll on their backs, do headstands and let their flukes pop out of the water; blow long streams of bubbles and then stick the tip of their nose out of the water. Overall beautiful, playful, majestic, but my favorite part of it all was how loveable they were. So far grey whales have been a nice addition to the list of things I have seen, but I am just in love with humpbacks today.

I’m glad that the whales put on a good enough and long show for everyone, because it was not long after that we reached the rough seas that had been anticipated, possibly just slightly worse than anticipated…  seemed like 6 to 8 foot at first but swiftly rose close to 9 to 12 foot waves. For dinner the captain found a cove to anchor in, and that was good while it lasted but the rough seas lasted till about 7 am today. The evening ended with guest losing their dinner and the morning began with the crew not wanting any. Luckily for me I escaped that nasty sea sick bug and was only irritated by the horrible noise that sounded like the steel hull collapsing slowing underneath the pressure of the sea. The rocking and levitation was almost too much, but I cured that problem by laying on my back with a pillow on top of each shoulder and secured under my head. A cozy little arrangement.

We will see what tonight has in store for us when we leave this cozy cove.

Happy anniversary mum and dad ❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks for everything, everyday, and I love you both always.

    • Mum
    • February 1st, 2013

    What friendly fellas! They even have barnacles on their flukes. How odd. Love you more! 🐋

  1. Love you, too!

    • Emily
    • February 12th, 2013

    I love that picture you got of the whale tail sitting perfectly on the water.

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