The beaches we go to have been really amazing. I am still thrilled and surprised with how much stuff you can find and how many dead and dried out creatures there are all around. It seems like every beach we go to you can walk across the dunes to another beach. The views have been amazing and the water, although a little chilly, is always refreshing and exhilarating to swim in.

super sunrise

super sunrise

Today was the first day of our expedition and we spent the afternoon at Isla San Francisco. I had enough time off to head over there and explore. The desert is such an interesting place to me, and I am not sure I will ever completely understand the logistics of it all. The land is elevated, the plants are abundant, the water is teeming with life, and the wildlife is… well thriving in a place that seems completely unnatural to thrive in.


So I walked across the desert on a little bath from one beach to another, only to find many more creatures on the beach to add to my album of dried up dead things. From this beach I was able to see a well beaten path that went up the mountain and across all the peaks, it was too beautiful to not try and I scampered to the top as fast as possible, which ended up not being super fast as the trail slowly got smaller and smaller and the amount of rubble was ever increasing. I would have loved to go across all the ridges, but was worried about making it back to the boat in time.

cactus skeleton and trigger fish

cactus skeleton and trigger fish

beach on beach on beach

beach on beach on beach

Walking back to the boat was interesting though because I ended up crossing a field that seemed like an old lake bottom with dried up salt beds.


It was beautiful, and an awesome time off the boat.

    • Emily
    • February 12th, 2013

    Wow, that is pretty cool. That dead trigger fish beats a cow skull any day for things you might find in a desert.

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