weird last couple of days… or so it seems. It is always hard to differentiate between days here. Yesterday was my day off and what a great day to have off it was, there were so many activities planned, and I was planning on doing them all. Woke up early to get my scuba gear set up for later and headed out on an early zodiac ride of Los Islotes.

pelicans are amazing

pelicans are amazing

Los Islotes is the island we go to where you can snorkel with the sea lions. It has cormorants, blue footed boobies, dive bombing pelicans, and magnificent frigate birds all over. There of course are sea lions all over as well, as it is a pupping site for them.

blue footed

blue footed

After my zodiac ride I got suited up and headed out with Alberto to go dive with some sea lions.

brian filming alberto before our dive

brian filming alberto before our dive

The concept is so completely cool, but they continue to make me nervous every time they come up next to me. I haven’t been nipped yet, but other people seem to be in the habit of it, and I just try to keep my fingers to myself. We cut our dive a little shorter than usual, I was getting pretty chilled, and he had gotten all the footage he needed and was planning on videotaping some of the guest while snorkeling.



So we called over the watch boat and threw our gear in and hopped in.


diving cormorant

diving cormorant

We started to head in the direction of the other zodiacs to pick up Albertos free diving flippers when Gus noticed a guest swimming in a dangerous spot under the zodiacs, and I noticed the guest did not have a snorkel in their mouth, and it was at that moment we understood that the guest was not swimming at all, but floating unconscious. We alerted the zodiacs and the pulled her out of the water with unbelievable haste. It just so happened that the doctor and oxygen tank were in the zodiac she was pulled into, but it seemed to late anyways. She died and was brought back to life 3 times, but was in stable condition by the time we were able to get to La Paz and send her to the hospital in an ambulance.


silly pelicans

Everyone seemed relieved to not have a dead body on the boat, since a guest died in the water at Los Islotes about two weeks before I got on the boat, but I still don’t feel very good about the situation since there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance of a similar quality of life at the end of all this seems… slimmer than slim, but peace of mind seems to go a long way around here. Overall it was good that we cut our dive short, and had the watch boat drive us over to where we found the lady, but who knows.

We had a beach bar b q at Dispensa which is another awesome beach, where you can walk across the desert and end up at the other side. Which I did, in search of these seemingly ‘common’, but truthfully highly elusive jack rabbits.


The beach on the other side was (of course) gorgeous. Full of dead puffer fish, trigger fish, lobsters, and tons of shells. The sunset was beautiful, but the sunrises recently have been really taking the cake.


Humpback whales were breaching next to us all day long. Good thing to help the guest start thinking of other things. I worked to much get a chance to enjoy them.

    • Mum
    • February 6th, 2013

    I’ve never seen a blue footed boobie!
    Be careful out there. xoxo

  1. love the pelicans. so different from here.

    • Emily
    • February 12th, 2013

    Stay safe, xoxo. ❤

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