Today was perfect

I just had the utmost  most fulfilling day off ever. As far as boat standards go, and even beyond. Woke up this morning in Magdalena Bay, went on the 7:30am whale watching trip, and kissed my first whale.

When we go out whale watching the behavior of the whales can change drastically from trip to trip. One trip that goes out watching whales breach, spy hop, and more often than you would think they see  the mother whale push the calf to the surface and towards the zodiac to be sure that it gets pet. But  by nature the baby whales are curious of us and come over to the boat to be pet on their own. I have been having some pretty good experiences with baby whales, but am always exuberant and feeling super lucky when I can splash the mom into being interested in me too. [whales like to be splashed :o) ]


Many of the guest are very concerned with getting the perfect “shot” and forget that they have the chance to play with a baybe whale, and if they are awesome enough, maybe their mom too. They have been  calling me the whale whisperer, but everyone on the crew and staff with agree playing with whales is all about karmaImage  and it takes a lot to be as excited as I am and splash up the storm I am willing to. How can you expect to pet a whale when you don’t ask it to play?

A lot of people go out there with the goal to kiss the whales, and although I have already been out four times before, I have never felt the urge to throw myself over the side of the zodiac and lean in for a big smooch. Today was no different. I was splashing away anyways. The mom came over to me and stuck her colossal sized rostrum right into my palm, and I pet her and pet her and pet her, slowly she drew her body further and further out of the water, leaving us in the perfect set up for a 90/10 kiss. She leaned in 90, and I made the first move leaning back 10 percent and smooching her right on the face.

My first on hands experience with whales was rubbing the mother and calf at the same time, one in each hand, and as I thought it wouldn’t get more gratifying than that, I feel pretty elated and euphoric.


The euphoria could be a result of the hour long massage I had this afternoon. Holy jesus did I have a schedule of chores planned out for this afternoon that completely disappeared halfway into my massage. Never have I ever had such a change in consciousness without realization during a massage. There were knots in places I never considered having tension. [my forearms were one of the most painful places to be touched! Who would have figured]

This of course was followed my a glorious nap ended my alarm so I would be awake in time for Flip Nicklins afternoon presentation. Soon followed by another nap. I woke up in time to get ready for guest dinner. Through all the time I have been working for Lindblad this was my first guest dinner, a lot of stewards will eat guest dinner served to them in the lounge, but I have never ate guest dinner in the dining room or the lounge before. I asked Flip yesterday if I could accompany him to dinner this evening, he said yes and saved me a seat.

If you have not googled Flip yet, I suggest you do. He is a whale king.

Dinner was complete with (complementary) red wine (as is custom for “captains dinner” aka the last real meal before disembarkation), espresso, and vanilla ice cream covered in blueberries.

I am sure that there is something that could have been better, but I say that just to fill in the blank.

  1. Looks like fun!

    • Lulu
    • March 10th, 2013


    • Mum
    • March 11th, 2013

    Super cool day. Sounds like a perfect first kiss. Early bday present!

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