glassy seas and starry eyes

It is difficult to put into words, and even more difficult to try and find the proper words to transcribe the pure awesomeness of my day.

Happy Easter.

This morning started out with blue whales and fin back whales around the boat, and while we still had guest out in zodiacs, we puller anchor in pursuit of the pair of fin whales, because honestly who needs to see another blue whale (sarcasm, although we have had 3 amazing different sightings already this trip).

The water could not have been calmer, and the whales could not have been closer. At one point I looked down the side of the boat only to see the whale swimming so close to the boat underneath the water that I have to assume its flipper was touching the side.


After we decided to continue towards our destination we were interrupted again by a school of mobula rays. Very similar to manta rays, but “smaller” in size, although still quite large. While watching the rays we were greeted by a breaching marlin, which was epic.


We also came across another large pod of dolphins who played with the ship for a  little bit. A young humpback whale who we watched fluke along the ship a few times, and also a feeding frenzy in the water of pelicans, yellow footed gulls, herrmans gulls, blue footed boobies, and brown boobies.

Then it was time for lunch.

The summary of the morning is short and dry, because there are no words that can be combined to express the majesty and splendor of the day.

Fin back whales are not as dynamic as humpbacks, they don’t typically breach, or lift their flukes out of the water, because they don’t have to. They are long thin streamline machine that does not take much effort to start a deep dive. They are the second largest animal to grace this planet racking it at a record 89 feet, and also  asymmetrically colored. Their lower jaw on the right side is completely white. It is the only white part of their body. They are gorgeous and parasite free, not collecting any of those awesome species specific barnacles I discussed previously.

But over all they are simply elegant and it was amazing to be able to view them so close, and in some of the calmest most crystal clear conditions I have ever experienced.

    • Emily
    • April 2nd, 2013

    Take my breath away. Justin and I are going to Pittsburg this weekend, he has some “welcome days” for him to get a preview of life at CMU, I will be joining on Friday to spend some time with ourfriends and family.

    Love you!

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