sigh of happiness making way into Alaskan waters

Lucky for me our salt water filter on our water pump is broken, meaning we have to stop to take on water more often than we normally would. Our surprise stop of the morning to pick up water today… ( questionably sunny) KETCHIKAN ALASKA! How wonderful to be in Alaska again, and how refreshing to be in a familiar place… and with familiar faces, Greg and Gill from the kayak shop came over to my boat this morning, and it was so wonderful to see them, really REALLY wonderful. Greg had enough time before work to come on the boat and come down for a cup of coffee in the lounge :o)

After all this time living on this little boat I have now been able to share it with two friends in less than one week!

Today was spent in the incredibly unmisty, Misty Fjords. A national monument which stands on the back side of Revillagegiedo (the island Ketchikan is on), and main land North America. The misty fjords are breath taking glacially carved fjords whose extreme landscape on land is completely mimicked underwater as well, reaching deep depths only a few feet from the shore.


A beautiful picture of the garden of underwater sea pens, Photo taken by Justin

The importance of the underwater landscape here is significant mainly for the fact that I was able to go diving today! I have now experience my first successful Alaskan dive, and no, for some reason or another, I wasn’t even cold. I can only give full thanks for the success of this dive to my new dive buddy Justin, who ensured that there would be gear my size purchased and available on the boat this year, since unfortunately most fun stuff come in sizes made for full grown men.

Things are going well, and it is strange to see all these little familiar towns again knowing I won’t be coming back again next week. Next week I will be in another time zone, smiling about another adventure.


  1. So glad you saw Greg and Gill!! What fun to share the Sea Bird w old friends. And an Alaskan dive! Pretty neat.

    • Emily
    • May 7th, 2013

    Those sea pens are pretty cool.

    • Auntie Kerry
    • May 8th, 2013

    Scuba Diving in Alaska! Amazing!

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