Beaked whale bits

Flight in

Flight in

Life has been treating me well over the past few years as I have blindly followed the whale migration from mild climate to mild climate. Although I have started to gain an appreciation and love for whales that did not exist before, I find it necessary to explore the roots of my magnetism to the ocean, sharks.

I took a puddle jumper from Florida this morning and have since arrived in Bimini at the Bimini Biological Field Station where they specialize in shark research! Specifically lemon sharks.

Within thirty minutes of being shown around the station and the property I was out on a boat preparing to jump into the water with about 15 to 20 different sharks, big ones and little ones alike. There was none of the nervous anticipation, fear, or anxiety that one might expect to experience when planning on swimming with a few of mother nature’s top predators, just simple magnificent awe to watch them feast on some bait treats we provided for them in return for their company (some of which included beaked whale, a rarity that washed up recently).

The current had a pretty decent pull to it and we switched locations for more snorkeling. Although there were no sharks at the new location, there was a shipwreck large enough to swim through. The cherry on top being flamingo tongues! I feel like it has been years since I have seen any, and it was exhilarating!

How nice it is to be in warm water again. No wetsuit. No drysuit. No problem.

    • Lulu
    • May 18th, 2013

    FA.NTASTIC! So happy to have you in the same timezone ….Have a great time….Pictures, love pictures! and you too

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