A long day today as I fight to

A long day today as I fight to keep the ritual of sun screen application going and fish guts out of my hair. The morning consisted of hanging laundry to dry, drying dishes, practicing knots, and playing with the GPS.

By the afternoon it was so hot and without any breeze that I was interested in partaking in any activity that would get me in or on the water. After axing bonitos, jacks, lady fish, and barracudas into small chunks, and being sufficiently covered in fish blood and guts, we were ready to set some long lines to catch some sharks on!

Heading off of the island the temperature became much more bearable on water. We set 5 different long lines and recorded the data for what was on each hook and its coordinates. Although there wasn’t anything on the lines yet when we double backed to check they were set properly, I am certain there will be something fun to find when we go pull them up in the morning.

    • Emily
    • May 19th, 2013

    Eww, fish guts

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