huge luxuries in the most simple of lives

Its pretty interesting to think of the constraints that island life puts on things, and the restraints on life that I seem to acquire with all of the places I live. But all of that aside today left me with a feeling of freedom. I am living somewhere with a window in my bedroom, unlimited free internet, and continuous cell phone service. I was able to sit and enjoy the sunset, without having to worry about serving dinner. The hours are still long, and the work can still be tiring, but can’t complain about getting to work outside and go swimming whenever I get too warm.

I do not believe anyone living on the boat would consider our life there luxurious, but there are a few things that could be up for discussion on changes in luxury. On the boat I share a head with a fresh water shower with 2 other people, whereas I am currently sharing a saltwater head with 7 other people. The boat offers an all you can eat buffet 3 meals a day and access to snacks and fresh produce all day long, food facts that many crew member are wary of for all the obvious reasons, here there is a limit of one piece of fruit per person per day, with a selection of a few apples, oranges, and some polka dotta bananas. There is not that constant looming of too much food, and even more food waste. Even with the constraints on food and especially fresh food here, they seem to understand the easiness of making a simple vegetarian meal. Maybe because they aren’t caught up on the luxury of it all, they understand that a pot pie can be made without chicken in it. A simplicity that continually seemed to be missed on the boat.

There is no same day laundry service, and no prefolded fresh linens brought in twice a week. If you use a towel, get it sandy and covered in saltwater, it is hung on the laundry line until dry, and then used again, and again. Your bath towel can be changed out once every 2 weeks.

All in all I still live on an island, this one is just a little longer than 152 feet, and with a population closer to 300 rather than 90. Luxury and convenience aside there is something freeing about being here, where all belongings are expected to get covered either in sand or fish blood, where you shower in salt water, and are always hungry at the end of the day for whatever meal has been graciously prepared.

    • Emily
    • May 19th, 2013

    The similarities and difference are interesting.

    • daddyo
    • May 20th, 2013

    I agree with Em, very interesting contrast of life styles. It’s like you are on a bigger boat, with less amenities than Linblad.

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