Dissection Obsession

Yesterday we set a long line in a deeper area not too far from shore hoping to catch some big tigers, but the crazy strong current pulled the line from the “sweet spot” of closer to 800 feet, to somewhere closer to 1000 feet we estimated. We only caught one shark, a cuban night shark, who did not survive the process. 

As a slightly hippie environmentalist it was sort of upsetting for the one shark I have seen us catch to be dead. I understand that we are not fully contributing to the over fishing of sharks, and that we actually will use all of it resources, but again, slightly environmental hippie.

Dr. Dean Grubbs is here giving lectures to a class we are currently hosting from Carolina Coastal University, and he led the dissection. I find it pleasing that he is here since the dissection on the night shark actually provides a lot of information that is pertinent for his on going knowledge and research on sharks. So that was one alleviating fact for our dead shark. 


Being around all these college students and watching the dissection actually reminded me of how much I dislike dissections. I guess I never understood the whole purpose of cutting open animals that have been cut open by a million different people around the world, to show people the same thing we have known for years. The same thing you can see in a text book. But i guess for the class to come to the shark lab and get to partake in a shark dissection was very very exciting for them (they were overly excited geeking out about it).

I am embarrassed and slightly confused by the fact that halfway through the dissection I got the same lightheaded, dizzy, nauseous feeling that I remember experiencing in dental school one afternoon when we were going over tools used to remove teeth, and that i experienced when going through the BODIES the exhibition. (remember when that was the big thing to see). Overall they are all things that I do not have a problem with, but apparently they make my subconscious want to faint and vomit, pretty embarrassing. 

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