PIT, North Sound, [cont]

Made it through night 4 of PIT in the North Sound, slowly we are catching less sharks, but still caught 11 sharks this past night bringing us to a total of 115 sharks, which is really high, probably bringing us to an all time record catch by the end of PIT there (2 more nights), if not already.

Been wishing for a little rain because out water is getting pretty salty at the lab, but was wishing against it last night since it was predicted to rain all evening, and I was thinking it wouldn’t be completely enjoyable to be rained on in a skiff all night without rain gear on. Technically I could have worn rain gear but we have to get into the water to check the net every 15 minutes, so rain pants become pretty pointless.

The wind picked up pretty good and kept the bugs at bay, and no rain harder than a drizzle ever found us.


Caught 2 small green turtles in our net which was pretty exciting, they were so cute and I was so excited I ended up jumping in with all my clothes on not realizing how deep it was, rookie mistake to do so early in the evening, but I was worried about them all tangled up in the net! We also caught a remora bigger than my forearm, who must have been ditched by a pretty large shark!

Good night, always good to be out, especially without bugs.

    • Emily
    • June 5th, 2013

    So cool that you got to hold a sea turtle!

  1. It feels like you are on the ‘Finding Nemo’ set!

    • Lulu
    • June 5th, 2013

    I have a recipe for that…! 🙂 Missing the beautiful waters of the Bahamas! Are you finding any seaglass? Love you – Wish I was there.

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