its always upsetting when you realize you arent doing as well as you thought you were.

.::always okay::.


what you wish for//and what you get

Today was my first day waking up at the ranch by myself. Plumbing and heating still not working. Scheduled to get a roommate but have not yet. Just me and Lovely Rita here. trying to prevent her from drooling on my key board at this moment.

Pretty relaxing day, went into town and picked up some local micro brews and took a hike along the hill behind the ranch. Felt completely winded and not adjusted to this 7thousand foot plus region quite yet. but it was good to go anyway. After finally dragging my sea level body up to the top of the mountain we were rudely welcomed by a very upset grouse. With no manners what so ever the grouse proceeded to nip at our feet, untie our shoes, and smack us with some sort of evolved wing flap thing. They said it was a sage grouse, I am not convinced, and after doing some of my own research am leaning possibly to the ruffed grouse. I didnt have my camera, so there is no telling!

After twenty minutes or so of this uninterrupted rude behavior from the grouse, i deterred the wild beast by chucking snow balls at him until he retreated to the brush. Who would have guessed that would be the perfect solution.

Later went to dinner where i managed to sneak another meal in without anyone having to find out i’m a vegetarian… so far does not seem to be accepted practice.

“the most beautiful day so far this year”-radio personality

Today was my first day waking up at the ranch!

Dad was still here so we got up early to get a peek at Yellowstone before he had to catch his plane.

It was the most gorgeous day, just a few puffy cumulous clouds hanging around the mountain tops.

Today was the first day Yellowstones south entrance was open for summer, but since part of the road was still under construction it was still a little busy.

My favorite was the paint pots, and I think Dads favorite was the mud pots (Links inserted because I dont think any of my pictures captured how magnificant it really is). Either way there is some explosive gurgling earth in that area. I should definitley take some time to check my facts, but off hand, if I remember correctly 60% of the WORLDS geysers are located in Yellowstone National Park… which is pretty incredible when you think about it.

Other than that played a few games of cornhole with some of my co-workers/neighbors…( which I am surprisingly bad at ). and made a new friend, Rita, a cute black and white cat who is laying on my bed right now.

welcome to my new back yard.

i’m too sleepy to mess with this right now so i am just going to add a couple pictures and name the fun animals i remember seeing today


today we saw:

a fox



pronghorn antelope

praire dogs



pelicans (so pretty)



mule deer

and some other mundane things hehe


love you


Greetings from Laramie WY:

I’m pretty certain hurricane season has started..? but i am in the middle of a winter storm warning as the young lady at the check in desk so kindly informed us, I informed her that we weren’t sure exactly what that meant. Apparently it means i might be greetings you from Laramie tomorrow as well.

We started this morning in Kansas. If I were Dorothy I think I may have stayed in Oz. Long rolling plains gently increasing in elevation all the way to Colorado. Hill sides littered with oil wells as well as wind turbines.

After reaching Colorado our plan was to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park and see some scenery and hopefully catch some wild life. Half way up the hill it started to snow…shortly there after we noticed the cars coming down the hill piled with snow.

Change of adventure; we turned around and headed to Fort Collins to check out some breweries. We first went to the Odell Brewing company and each sampled a flight of beers, and then headed to New Belgium Brewing Company around the corner.

thankfully the Brewery closed early putting us back on the road before the snow storm became too ridiculous.

Now in Laramie, enjoying a fabulous dinner from possibly the only vegetarian restaurant in Wyoming, Sweet Melissas.

blog now or forever hold your peace?

I’ve been meaning to start/figure out this blogging thing for a couple weeks, and it seems if I don’t get it together now it may never happen.

Today Dad and I drove from ATL to Madison, Mississippi.

we ate breakfast this morning at a shop that offered chicken tetrazinni. Although the food has experienced some great exposure this past year, we both passed on having any.