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why did we ever leave the woods?

Something about the woods here is reminiscent to me of the Tetons or Glacier National Park. It is most likely a combination the woods, the wildflowers, the beaver ponds, and the lovely lovely lichen, although everything here is quite its own. Pools of cattails and stands of peeling birch trees (which seem to have some majesty of their own).

Although their are no snow capped peaks in the distance, there is something innately (debatably) better,


to the stars


I had such a beautiful day today, and am feeling blessed to live at the entrance to Acadia National Park



Officially my first full day in Maine!

Had a lazy morning this morning, slept in and took my time getting ready. Hopped on my bike and headed into to town to help me get my bearings, and foremost find some coffee. The town is pretty cute, not as small as Cameron made it out to be, but i am sure it will feel that way by the end of summer. I figure no where is too small after living some of the places i’ve been.

Walked through town, and checked out most of the shops on the main drag, even witness some art that inspired me to maybe try and talk to my creative side some… if i get a chance.

Rode back home and stopped across the street following the pottery studio signs. Although the pottery studio was closed, I did run across a very neat sculpture garden (tree house included). Back on my side of the road I walked along the beach collecting mussel shells, and the occasional rare piece of sea glass.There was a little pooling section in the rocks that glittered amazingly and I realized that it once held water, but the tide had been low enough for long enough that all that was left was salt. It was absolutely perfect.

I have been finding all sorts of cute pieces of nature in the woods and along the beach that I am happy to have a room to myself so that I don’t have to be judged by a roommate as I bring a sweet piece of bark home.

The weather has been perfect today and yesterday, and I was blessed with the reminder of how beautiful “spring” is, as there are wild columbine, lupine, and roses blooming all over the place :o) (among other flowers).

A little exercise, shopping, walking, beach combing, and art appreciation = a pretty solid awesome day for me.